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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I have been designing spaces, both real and virtual, for a number of years.  in June of 2014, I made my first foray into the world of digital art with a piece entitled Midsummer Night.  It was based upon a capture and was altered substantially to include elements, filters and hand-painted features.

Prior to that, my artwork was confined to the real world in the form of hand painted furniture accents, decoupage, and collage.   

In October of 2014, I opened a virtual art gallery known as Art in the Park.  I contacted artists to judge the art work and did not include myself as I had felt that I wasn’t qualified.  The theme of that first exhibition was Autumn and on a whim, I included one of my pieces: The Backwoods.  I was surprised and delighted when two of the judges, people I respected, said that my work was excellent.  They encouraged me to pursue this avenue (Digital Art,) and I embraced it as another means of self-expression.

Developing art and categorizing myself as an artist are two different things.  It has taken me these months to accept the word artist – a title that I had felt others more readily applied to me than I ever would have.   Even though I have come to terms with this and now call myself an artist, I am not yet comfortable in that skin.  I strive against my prior work to keep improving my skills and my art.

I created this blog to chronicle my journey.  The other day, my work went on display and for sale on the Art Walk.  What a thrill it’s been to learn that there are others who like my art and have purchased virtual copies!  It’s my hope that one day soon, I will be selling my art for display in the real world.

May 4, 2015

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