Thursday, August 13, 2015


I am participating in Madpea’s Art Gatcha Festival, which opens August 14, 2015 and runs for two weeks.  The event brings together numerous, very talented artists, who are offering their work via Gatcha Machines.

This is a first for me.  I’ve never set up a Gatcha machine before and I’m really excited!!!  I’m featuring new artwork along with unique items that incorporate my original artwork.

Windlight Gallery August Artist Fellows Exhibition continues.  Select pieces of my original art are on display amidst a gallery that is filled with the works of the very talented Windlight August Art Fellows.

Art in the Park Curator’s Choice Exhibition continues.  Curator’s Choice is an eclectic collection of fantastic digital art by some of Second Life’s best artists.  As always, the display of landscape and portrait art shows the breadth and depth of all that is possible when Second Life photographs are combined with post-processing techniques to produce works of digital artistry.  Once again, we provide an opportunity to view talented artists’ works in ways available only on Second Life; to observe in detail, the artists’ textures and hand-painted elements.

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